Wood Plug Kit – Suits Hardwood and Steel joists


DM 4277  contains 50 wood plugs and 50 screws for either steel frame or timber frame. These wood plug kits provide the solution of when you start and finish a deck  plus they are used on fascia boards. Use in conjunction with DM 4253 the Counter Bore tool provide a beautiful timber plug system and finish.


DM 4277 – Wood Plug Kit – Hardwood

One end is chamfered and the plug is tapered top to bottom for easy insertion – note the grain runs opposite traditional plugs this way if moisture is absorbed then it will lock in tighter and in particular will not split unevenly when trying to trim off flush.

The colour will suit any hardwood as the colour varies and will provide the professional look of a boat builder who has used this process of plug and dowel finished on boat decks over history. The decking oil will also assist in colour matching the plug.

Note: it was always seen as a high skill job when you see a plug and dowel finish – it is now easy and available.

First board and last board fixing + Framing boards plus Any boards that require secret fixing and cannot use a biscuit.

Prepare the hole with the CounterBore Tool – DM 4253 –  It prepares the perfect diameter and perfect depth hole for your decking ready to receive this item.

Wooden plug is very strong. Used in the preparation of installing Deck-Max secret fixing – and in conjunction with the CounterBore Tool – DM 4253

Simply roll the bottom of the plug in some Ultra Set glue and tap into hole – Leave for 24 hours for glue to dry then trim off tops normally say 2mm with a oscillating/ multi master tool then finish with a sander.

Locate decking board into position – clamp tight using the Deck-Max clamps then prepare to fix.

The screw in the kit suits all CCA & ACQ treated timbers. The screw is class 3 corrosion rated we also carry Class 3 self drilling Metal screws for steel joists and Stainless steel to suit timber frame kits sold with the decking.


Additional information
Weight .23 kg
Dimensions 12 × 11 × 5 cm
Trade Tip

Trade Tip

Use the DM 4243 Counterbore tool to prepare the hole for this wood plug

Do not over tighten the screw or you will break the underside of the decking.

Always run a second drill bit to set the depth of the screw after the first preparation with the Counterbore tool.
When starting the hole scribe the surface with the Counterbore tool first, then apply downward pressure to cut hole – this will prevent chipping of the surrounding surface. When you get the set depth of the hole the black ring on the bottom of the tool it can leave a small black mark – do not worry as this gets sanded when the plug is trimmed. Key is – do not overdrive the tool and this will minimize the black ring mark.

Be sure to control the direct cut and withdraw the same so you do not break the drill bit – remember when drilling like this the drill bit will get hot and break if you twist the drill in and out.

Clean out hole prior to fixing the screw.

Simply roll the bottom of the plug in the Ultraset Glue then tap into hole – leave for 24 hours to cure then trim and sand.

You can adjust the collar of the counterbore tool to with make deeper or leave it as the factory setting will leave the plug 2mm proud so you can trim off after 24 hours.

When replacing the drill bit and BEFORE you loosen the grub screws cut a fine mark on the collar of the BORE section so you will have a precise mark to re set the outer crown back onto after the drill bit is refitted. Purchases of extras are often required when screws are damaged or lost – because the screw count equals the biscuit count often screws are dropped on the ground, left in nail bags etc, then simply buy an extra pack as required.



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