Stainless Steel Screw - Pan Head / self drilling wood screw


Self Drilling Wood Screw

  • 8 g | Self drilling Type 17 tip  | Stainless Steel | Black epoxy coated  Pan Head | # 2 square drive | 40mm
  • Pack of 110
  • Used with the Patented Deck-Max Clip System.


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This item can only be used in conjunction with the “Original” Biscuit and the Deck-Max Pro Biscuit.

Self Drilling Wood Screw – 8 g | Self drilling Type 17 tip  | Stainless Steel | Black epoxy coated  Pan Head | # 2 square drive

Self Drilling Tip – self drilling pan head type 17 tip. No. 2 Square drive Black Head epoxy coated.  for use on wooden Joists – Suitable for ACQ & CCA treated timber plus all hardwood

Class 4 corrosion rated – 304 SS

Painted Black head – So you have no visible fixing in the gap when looking down between the decking boards.
Used with the Deck-Max biscuit secret fixing system.

Additional information
Weight .29 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 cm
Trade Tip

Trade Tip

Note: Always test the drilling into the joist material chosen first as some wood used for joists vary a lot in hardness – use the 3mm drill bit provided as your pilot hole if you encounter self drilling issues. In some cases when fixing into old or Green hardwood use a 4mm drill bit – Test first then decide what is best.


This screw is not a surface fix screw.

Ideal for Pool Surrounds, Commercial Jobs, Near Beach/Coastal/Salt Air.

304 SS ids chosen as it it harder metal than 316 SS reducing the breakage of screw heads. Always use a cordless drill NOT a rattle gun / that will snap screw heads especially if you have not pre drilled into harwood or timber knots.

Buy the DM 4145 – COMBO PACK OF 2 X 100mm # 2 square drive bits. – Ideal so your vision is improved as the tip is clear of the chuck providing superior drill & eye coordination.

Purchases of extras are often required when screws are damaged or lost – because the screw count equals the biscuit count often screws are dropped on the ground, left in nail bags etc, then simply buy an extra pack as required.



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This product can only be ordered by calling or emailing Deck-Max to be included with one of there pre grooved decking products.